At SB Hotels we have established a strong commitment to act at all times with integrity, honesty, respect and professionalism in our work in the hotel business.

We firmly defend the idea of the gradual and sustained growth of the company, based on the trust and responsibility to continually promote and renew the ethical principles that underpin our relationships with all interested parties.

We have therefore included the following principles in our integrated system that incorporates quality management, environment management and energy management as a framework for the development of objectives and standards of conduct that we should consider in all our actions.


We offer professional, efficient and competitive hotel and restaurant services, based on inexorable respect for and observance of the values that identify our business culture.


Our wish is to consolidate the group as a benchmark of management and service in the tourism industry, with the aim of improving our customers’ experiences and satisfaction.


Person-oriented: SB Hotels’ main asset are people. We are characterised by our service vocation and search for customer satisfaction, as well as the well-being of our staff and partners. We adapt every one of our actions to the principles of loyalty and good faith.

Business sense: we carry out our activities in coherence with a strategy and principles of ethics and responsibility to ensure the company’s economic sustainability and profitability.

Continuous improvement: we acquire a firm commitment to the continuous improvement of our processes in order to grow and improve day by day in all activities related to quality and environmental and energy performance.

Process management and risk approach: we analyse the risks of each process to plan improvements and make a responsible and sustainable use of available resources.

Environmental protection: we are committed to preventing pollution, optimising the consumption of resources and minimising environmental impacts resulting from our activity.

Energy performance: we evaluate all the information in our management system, promote the purchase of energy-efficient products and services, and consider energy efficiency when designing our services.

Legal compliance: we take responsible for complying with all the legal requirements and applicable regulations that affect our activity, as well as any requirements we have signed up to.

Principle of dignity: we promote real and effective equality of opportunities among our employees and guarantee a safe and healthy work environment. We reject and denounce any criminal or discriminatory behaviour based on race, age, religion, sexual orientation or political conviction.